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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Boost your Energy

Let us begin with a positive note. what ever happens in life happens for good. You might have heard about it right?. so why do you think in a negative way. Always try to learn some good things from your failures.

I Would like to tell how to Boost Up Your Energy...

Start your day with yoga, At least give 30 minutes from your 24 hours daily. Make a strict routine for practicing yoga regularly. Start exercising from head to toe. After completion of these exercises Meditate for 15 minutes. concentrate on your breath. Feel the energy flowing in your body removing all the unwanted negative energy.

Always start yoga after 5 to 10 mins warm up. Warm up should cover exercises from head to toe.

☼ head/neck  rotation
☼ shoulder and hand rotation.
☼ body twisting.
☼ side bending
☼ stretching .
☼ spot jumping and spot running.
After warm up begin with surya namaskar
Surya namaskar has 12 steps as shown in my earlier post Begin your day with surya namaskar

After surya namaskar start practicing these yogasanas.

1)   Janusirasana
·         Strengthening and Stretching the shoulders, spine, groins, and hamstrings.
·         Stimulating the liver and kidneys.
·         Improving digestion system.
·         Relieving stress, anxiety, fatigue, headache, menstrual discomfort, the symptoms of menopause.
·         Therapeutic for high blood pressure, insomnia, and sinusitis.

Step1: sit on the ground and bend your left leg towards your thigh as shown in the image. Inhale slowly then strech both your hands upwards.
Step2:  now exhale and slowly bend forward and try to catch your foot as shown in second image.
( don’t try to bend suddenly or don’t try hard, bend how much it is possible)
Step 3: in last step touch your head to the knee and breathe normally. Hold it for a while and come back .
Repeat the same with right leg.

2)   Kamar chakra asana

● Improves flexibility of lower back
● Helps in fat loss from abdomen area and hips.

kamar chakra asana

3) Seated Forward bending (Paschimottasana)
This forward bend gives a complete stretching to the neck, the back, the hamstrings and calves. At the same time, it directs your attention inward. You stimulate the entire nervous system and learn to find stillness and relaxation during a period of effort or even discomfort when doing this stretching exercise.

STEP 1: Sit down with your legs stretched. The legs lie side by side and the toes point upwards. Stretch your lower back and raise your arms. Look forward, lengthen your back, and keep the chest and your breathing free.
STEP 2: Slowly bend forward, stretch your crown upward and try not to lose the supporting dynamism of the lower back. See to it that your legs do not move or tilt.
STEP 3: The moment you notice that you can only bend further by bending the lower back, move your hands to your lower legs, ankles or feet. Lightly pull your legs, ankles or feet and continue stretching.
Keep your shoulders down. Breathe in and out across the entire length of your spinal column deeply and in a relaxed way. Everytime you exhale, you should bend further towards your legs without losing the length in your back and the dynamism in the lower back. When you lose the dynamism in the lower back, you will notice that you lose a major part of the stretching and you will have a hard time breathing.
STEP 4: Stretch out your arms forward.
STEP 5: Slowly raise your upper body. Keep your legs lying side by side and the toes pointing upwards.
STEP 6: Sit straight up again, just like your original position.
Try to relax as you perform this forward bend and do not pull your feet forcibly. When you pull too hard, the body hardens itself, your thinking and breathing become unquiet and you run a risk of injuring yourself.
4) Vakrasana 
Bend the left leg in the knee and place it near the thigh of left leg.
Place the right hand beyond the folded knee of the left leg and in front of the left hand. Keep the palms of both the hands in opposite direction. There should be a distance of one foot between the two hands.
Press the standing left knee with the right hand and shoulders, and twist the neck to the left. Turn the sight also in the same direction and continue normal breathing.

Do this exercise both the side.

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