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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hair fall has become a major problem these days. If we see the saints who used to live more than 100 years and stay healthy and do not loss hair even being old. the reason behind that is they used to eat healthy, practice yoga regularly.
These days the eating habit has been changed and also the various artificial products used to clean hair are the major cause of hair fall.

how does eating habit cause hair fall?
Improper eating increases heat in the body and cause hair fall.

how to avoid hair fall?

by doing following asanas it can be prevented: drink water daily morning .

1) anlom vilom pranayama.

Viloma Pranayama

VILOMA Pranayama involves paused breathing at regular intervals and can be divided into two stages. The first stage is called 'paused inhalation' and the second stage is called 'paused exhalation'. Let's look at these stages in detail: 

Viloma Paused Inhalation: 
  • Lie down in a comfortable position and try to relax. Breath deeply, but normally
  • Now inhale for 2 to 3 seconds and pause. Hold your breath for two seconds and then restart inhalation. Pause inhalation again after 2 to seconds. Inhale again. Repeat this process untill the lungs feel full of air
  • Exhale now, slowly, till you feel empty of air

Viloma Paused Exhalation: The paused exhalation is the exact opposite of the inhalation process. In this case, you inhale deeply and normally without interuption, but exhale with regular pauses. 

Anuloma Pranayama

Just like Viloma Anuloma is about alternate nostril breathing. In this case, the inhalation and exhalation is done with one nostril blocked and the other partially open. Some variations of the yoga are granular anuloma. 

2) rub finger nails simultaneously for 10 mins daily. do not rub your both the thumb.

3Kapalabhati Pranayama:

To perform the kapalabhati pranayama technique, sit in a comfortable position crossing your legs. Perform two to three deep inhales and exhales.

Now inhale deeply and exhale forcefully drawing all the air out. Your belly should be drawn in, as you exhale.

When you inhale, let it happen passively without you making any effort to inhale as the belly goes back to normal position.

Exhale forcefully again and continue doing this for about 20 to 30 times.

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