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Monday, February 3, 2014

yoga for flat stomach.


Following Asana's should be practiced regularly to get flat stomach or reduce fats near stomach.(It also helps in flexibility)

1) Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

Stand erect, legs together,hands by the side of the thighs. Gaze in front.Raise your hands straight in front up to arms. Palms facing each other.Bring the hands up straight to the sky, fingers pointing upward.Now slowly raise your heels and stand on toes. Raise heels as much as you can. Stretch body up as much as possible.While returning to the original position, bring your heels on the ground first.Slowly bring down your hands also.

2) Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): 

check out the video.

3Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend):

Inhale slowly, then exhaling slowly bend forward as much as possible. Try to touch your knees, calves, ankles, or feet. Do the movement slowly and in a relaxed manner.Bend a little more and try to place the palms, with fingers pointing forward, on the ground on either side of the legs. Place the forehead between the knees. Stay in that position for 5 seconds or more time as comfortable to you. To release the posture, bend your knees slightly, press the soles of your feet downward and drop your tailbone, gradually bringing up the squeeze as you return to return to the original starting position.

Note: Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and acidity, consult yoga expert before practicing.

4) Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend):

Method: Sit on the ground, stretch the legs straight without bending in the front. Exhale and bend forward till you are able to catch hold of your toes keeping the legs straight. you may even bury your face between the knees. remains thus for 5 sec and then slowly raise the body to the original position and inhale.repeat this asana three to five times.

5) Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose):

Method: Lie down Supine with your heals together, arm stretched by your sides.inhale and slowly bend one knee as you raise it.tuck the knee into your chest, holding and press it with interlocked fingers.exhaling,straighten the knee bringing the leg onto the floor . Repeat with the other leg. do this asana a few times altering the legs. then bend both the legs together and do this asana in the same manner.

6) Naukasana (Boat Pose):

The naukasana pose comes from the words "nauka," which means boat, and "asana," which refers to the relaxed position you take to do the yoga move. When you do a naukasana, your body form resembles a boat. Hence, the naukasana pose is often referred to as the boat pose. A naukasana can be done on your stomach, which is the more common form, but a version can also be done while you lie on your back. Both forms of the naukasana may improve your physical and mental health.

7)  Ushtrasana (Camel Pose):

Method: First sit in Vajrasana posture and stand upon your knees. Gradually separate your knees until they are about 25 to 30 cm apart. Now place your hands on your waist in such a way that your fingers should be towards your abdomen and your thumbs on your kidneys toward your back . In the state,throw your neck back and also bend backward from your waist.when the bend is complete take your hands off your waist and put them on the soles of your feet throw your abdomen outward from the front and neck as far back as possible.stay in this position and take breathe normally. while coming back place your hands on your waist and stand erect on your knees, then sit in your rest posture.

8) Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose):

Exhale and inhaling start raising both the legs upward and stop when they make angle of 90 degree with the floor. Keep the sight at the toes of the feet. Continue normal breathing and try to maintain the posture steady.

9) Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

This asana is also known as cobra asana as the posture resembles that of an alarmed cobra. You need to lie prostrate on the ground and inhale. Raise your torso to the maximum possible level with the help of your hands. Inhale while you are raising your body and hold your body and your breath in this position and maintain this position as long as possible.

Get back into the normal position and exhale.


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