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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Precautions must be taken before doing Asanas

Following precautions must be taken before doing yog asanas.

1) All the asanas must be practiced on empty stomach and clean bowels and preferably after bath.

2) Asanas should not be practiced after taking meals or even breakfast. Atleast, an hour should be allowed after breakfast and give 3 to 4 hours time after having meals.Meals can be taken after half an hour after yoga session.

3) select a place which is clean, quite,&  ventilated for performing asanas.

4) Do not practice yoga in hurry burry. Best time to practice yoga is in morning or in evening.

5) A clean well washed blanket should be used while performing asanas.

6) yoga sessions need not be gone through at a stretch. it should. It should be conveniently punctuated with relaxation poses. 

7) select few asanas and do them regularly.

8) Yogasanas are non-violent activity. No jerks should be given to the body while doing them.

9) do not start the next asana untill your breath has become normal.

10) people suffering from  chronic diseases should not do asanas. pregnant women are also forbidden to do them. asanas should be stopped during menstruation period also. consult your instructor always before doing them.

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